The value of having an advisor

We’d like to challenge our clients to think of us as more than just accountants. We’ve challenged ourselves to be more because we feel we have so much more to offer than just tax compliance services. Like that Farmer’s Insurance commercial says, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.

Say you’re on a flight that takes off at the equator with the intention of circumnavigating the globe and returning to the same longitude. If your course is off by only one degree at the outset then by the time you made it around the world you would be 500 miles off course of your destination. Yikes!

We are all headed toward a destination. These destinations all vary, but could look something like retirement or business expansion. Has anyone ever challenged your destination? (Read: you are climbing the ladder of success, but is your ladder against the correct wall?) Is your destination achievable? Are you a few degrees off course? A legitimate goal is going to take constant care.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
— Jimmy Dean, Country Singer and Sausage Icon

The winds are guaranteed to change, and the same is true for the economy and technology. The right goals and destinations are absolutely reachable when you can make adjustments to your sails. That’s what an advisor does for you, and that’s what we want to do for you.

An advisor has your end goal in mind, and can help you plan for the near, mid, and far future. Our real value is in making sure you aren’t off course by a few degrees and therefore miss your destination entirely.

As advisors we believe cloud accounting is a strategic necessity for all small businesses to pay attention to. A prime example of planning for the financial future is finding an accounting platform like Xero to hitch your business to. Xero is a great strategic choice because it is a global platform with miles of runway ahead of it and is enhanced by hundreds of apps in its ecosystem.

We’re eating our own cooking, as Warren Buffet would say, and using the same accounting products and advice we encourage our clients to use. We’re here to keep you on course, and we really believe in the solutions we have to offer.